Jumat, 23 November 2012

Sack Race Race in Google Doodle

Jakarta - Freedom! In this Friday, August 17, 2012, Indonesia reached 67 years of age. Among the hubbub Lebaran, people were busy celebrating the anniversary of the Republic.

Not only Indonesian citizens are commemorating independence was achieved in 1945 ago. The search engine Google also celebrated. The celebration can be seen from the Google Doodle, the main display on the search engine pages. There were sack races there.

You do not believe? Try and go to Google.com. There will look identical to the various race's August 17. There cracker eating contest and took the coin with his mouth as well. Crackers and fruit where it hung on a coin stuck writing a colorful Google.

The makers of this logo is the Google Doodle team consisting of Michael Lopez, Ryan Germick, Susie Sahim, Jennifer Hom, and Dennis Hwang. As said earlier Hom to BBC News, the selection of the theme doodle comes from the idea of ​​the people at Google offices in various countries. So is the idea of ​​this August 17.

Google Doodle created with the aim of making more humanistic search page. Thus, visitors come not only to do a search, but also to play or interact with the machine or knowing many historic date in the world. (See also: Google Doogle, Who is the Creator?

Google Translate is

Google Translate is? - Google Translate is a service provided by Google Inc.. to translate a section of text or a web page in one language to another.

For some languages​​, users are asked to provide an alternative translation, such as for technical terms, which will be included for further updates in the translation process.

Unlike other translation services such as Babel Fish and AOL are using SYSTRAN, Google uses its own translation software.

Kamis, 08 November 2012

googling total travel

Companies that Most Feared Google 
California - It is very easy indeed caught in the battle between iPhone and Android with Google recruitment struggle with their new neighbor, Facebook.
In spite of it all, there's actually one of the most feared Google. Executives at the giant search engine company is very worried this is going to take money from their pockets.

The company is it? Originally from Washington, United States. But he's not Microsoft.

Rivalry and competition that Google actually should be listened to in the next few years is to Amazon.

Google is a search company. Search is what making money from those looking for something before buying it online. Commercial search generates about 20 percent of total searches Google for this is generating ads.

What I worry about is the tendency of consumers to bypass Google's search engine and search for the product they want to buy on Amazon.com or on Amazon mobile devices. ComScore Data mentions, search Amazon reached 73 percent last year.

When searching with the keyword 'sneakers' in the Google search engine, then Google will find sneakers, analyze multiple networks, enter the product in the electronics store, click the item to your cart, enter your credit card and enter the address of the buyer.

Compare with using Amazon who just need; typing 'sneakers' and click one button to purchase products with a credit card is used and sent to your address. On mobile devices, Amazon has its own app, while Google only search engine that has a smaller screen.

A more frightening scenario is if the Google phone and slate Kindle everywhere. Because each user will be offered free as long as the movies and books have an account with Amazon Prime.

Amazon also frees any customer from shipping certain conditions. This is the appeal of the Amazon and make it more scary than Facebook or Apple.